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Dr. Cecilia B. Dennery


Dr. Dennery is an ordained elder, author, and a gifted communicator of God's Word. A dedicated student of the Bible for over thirty (30) years, Dr. Dennery has a profound grasp of the Word, combined with the God-given ability to explain deep biblical truth with clarity and simplicity. She is a sought-after speaker for conferences and other church events. Click to go to the BOOKS tab to see a description and to purchase books and study guides. Several of her books are used as textbooks for the Bible school she founded, Doctrine101 International School of Ministry. The Master Class training is substantive enough to challenge the Bible scholar, yet simple enough for the novice, all at an affordable cost.


The mission of DR DENNERY PRESENTS is to bring the Bible to life through her unique one-woman plays that inspire as well as inform so that the audience walks away with fresh, new insight from God's Word. She performs nationally as well as internationally, thrilling audiences with her wit, humor, and biblical knowledge that is creatively woven throughout the script. More than a play… it is an experience, transporting you inside the pages of scripture and allowing you to become a participant, not just a spectator. Click to go to the PLAYS tab to see video clips and picture gallery of some of her plays such as the Queen of Sheba, Delilah: The Devious Diva, and the highly acclaimed, 7 Black Queens of the Bible.



Dr. Dennery earned her Ed.D. from Wilmington University, her M.S. in Bible from Cairn University, an M.B.A., and a B.A. from the University of the Virgin Islands. She designs her book covers and in her spare time, serves as a coach and editor for aspiring writers. Dr. Dennery enjoys handbell ringing, praise dancing, and sign language interpretation for the Deaf. 

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