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Following are responses to questions that I have often been asked. They also give you a greater insight into who I am, and the ministry God has given me. In addition, there are testimonials from some who are familiar with the ministry.

Where is your accent from?

I am originally from St. Thomas, United States, Virgin Islands. I was born and raised there and came to Delaware in 2005 to assume full-time ministry as the Director of Christian Education at The Resurrection Center. I now serve as Assistant to the Pastor at Cornerstone Fellowship Baptist Church.


Have you gotten used to the cold weather?

No, I likely never will, but I have learned how to wear layers.


How did you learn so much about the Bible?

The credit goes to my mother, Gloria, who only had an eighth-grade education, but taught all her children the Word of God, every day, twice a day, in our daily devotions. She passionately believed in training up a child in the way he / she should go. Indeed, we did not depart from what she taught us and my mother is responsible for giving me an incredibly strong biblical foundation.


Why did you start writing books?

In 1998, God told me to write; however, at that time I had no idea what to write. It was not until 2009 that I wrote my first book, Christ and Covenant, and have been writing ever since.


Are you in full-time ministry?

Yes, since July 2013, I have been in full-time ministry speaking, writing books, and ministering the Word through my one-woman plays.

What biblical topics do you speak on?

My strength is the God-given ability to take deep truths and simplify it so that even a novice can understand. I can speak on any biblical topic, but I am an expert on the topics of covenant, prayer, evangelism, Trinity, Revelation, Blacks in the Bible, apologetics, and many more.

Are you a conference speaker?

Absolutely, I speak for conferences, workshops, women's groups, retreats. I also minister through the plays which are inspirational as well as informational, and have received rave reviews.



Dr. Dennery's plays are enlightening and informative! You are instructed in God's Word in such an entertaining way that it makes learning the Bible fun and intriguing.  Beverley W.


What Dr. Dennery does - whether it is teaching, preaching, acting, or reciting poetry - can be summed up with the following words: Powerful... Enlightening... Captivating  Frances W.

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